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Maple Professional 6.22

A powerful solution to create hierarchical trees for storing information such as documents, notes, and images.

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File Size:5,948 KB System:Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003
License:Free to try ($29.95) Limitations:30 days
Date Added:07-12-2006 Requirements:Windows system

Maple Professional
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Software Description:
Maple Professional is the flagship of the tree outline managers for power users. It enables you to create hierarchical trees for storing information such as documents, notes, and images. You can create unlimited nodes and sub-nodes and assign any document to each node. Documents can be loaded from file and saved in .rtf, .txt, .doc, .wri, or .html format. You can easily create a backup copies of your trees with a backup system. If you have confidential documents, which you want to encrypt, you can use built-in file encryptor. If you have Microsoft Word installed in your system, you cand use all benefits of it's spelling system. In addition to built-in Maple spell checker, you can perform grammar and synonyms check. Maple Professional supports rich text formatting as well as drag-and-drop.

Key Features:
  • Finder - an advanced search utility. It makes it easier to search for Maple tree files. You can specify several search criteria. For example, you can search for tree files in the specified folder, even search for files containing specific text.
  • Backup system. Now you can easily create a backup copies of your tree. Maple backup system supports .zip and .cab compression.
  • Built-in file encryptor. Encryption Wizard will help you protect any information. It uses a very strong Blowfish crypto-algorithm. Protected files cannot be decrypted without the correct password.
  • Built-in Calculator. You can use Calculator to perform any of the standard operations for which you would normally use a handheld calculator. Calculator performs basic arithmetic, such as addition and subtraction.
  • Integration with Microsoft Word Spell Checker, Grammar Checker and thesaurus. In addition to built-in Maple Spell Checker, you can perform grammar check or search for synonyms with thesaurus.
  • Custom Node Icons. Now you can use custom icons to brighten up your tree or identify key nodes.
  • Web Tree. You can export Maple tree outline and all documents to a set of .html files and view these trees in a Web browser, or publish them on a Web sites.
  • Import Folder Content. You can import multiple documens into the tree with a one click.
  • Export/Import Settings Profile feature. You can create a number of settings profiles and import them without restarting Maple.
Editor's Review:
Maple Professional is a wonderful information database management tool, the advanced version of Maple. It has all function of Maple, which can create any hierarchical trees database to store documents, notes, images and any other file. Maple Professional has many advanced features, which are not possessed by Maple. If you like a multi-feature software of this kind, Maple Professional is the best choice.

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