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LinesKiller5 is a PPC Game for Windows Mobile 5. Your task - to help Lines Killer.

Download Site       Buy Now $11.95

File Size:497 KB System:Windows Mobile 2005
License:Free to try ($11.95) Limitations:3 hours of the game
Date Added:12-07-2007 Requirements:screen 240*320 with 32K or 64K colors

Software Description:
Only You and Lines Killer can rescue the world.

The gangsters filling a field, are going in gangs in the beginning till five, and then till six. As soon as it occurs Lines Killer kills them. The gangsters resist and call a reinforcement, then come their spirits...

Your task - to help Lines Killer. Press buttons located on perimeter of a field, and collect of the gangsters in gangs.

To install the game - download the appropriate version of the game and start it on the PC. Then connect PPC and install it in any place. The label LinesKiller5 will appear in section "Games".

Key Features:
  • PPC game
  • Your task - to help Lines Killer
  • This version of the game for Windows Mobile 5, screen 240*320 with 32K or 64K colors.
Editor's Review:
LinesKiller5 is a PPC Game for Windows Mobile 5. Your task - to help Lines Killer.

User Comments:       [ Write a comment for this software ]
No user comments at present!

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